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I Started Dancing In My Senior 6 Vacation- Ewil Brenda Claire

Ewil Brenda claire, a professional dancer with the Fleckers Dance Group, revealed that she started her professional dancing career during her senior six vacation.

She narrated that she was a very active child who also danced at school performances and Company promotions from both primary and secondary.

“In my vacation, we had a friend called Joy Joy who was doing a music video, Because we were OGs, she knew me and my other friends (the fleekers) could dance. So she called us, we backed her, and we did that on vacation. I saw an opening because she was paying us,” she recounted.

Ewil said it occurred to her that she could make money out of dancing. “ I started watching youtube videos where I found my sisters (RVC) dancing in heels, and I was stunned by their moves. I started stalking them, and through the videos, you could tell they were making money and were very professional as well.”

At this point, she developed an interest in dancing with heels, following professional dancers on Instagram, such as Ayra Starr and Aliya Janell.

On campus, she continued dancing with her dance group until the RVC group noticed them via social media and invited them to attend their dance classes. Due to her determination and persistence, she started getting included in their dancing gigs.

Eventually, the fleckers also formalized their brand, which she says has had a good reception among the public since they are unique in how they dance.

She advised anyone trying to pursue a career that parents might not support to pray to God and show that passion can make money.

“ You love to dance, but you don’t show your parents that you like to. Show them that you can make money out of it. I stopped asking my dad for money when I was in school, and in the end, I had my upkeep and would also help out in case of a financial need. Will they stop you from doing what you love and earning from it?” she asked.

Ewil is renowned for her dancing performance in several music videos with different artists. She is also the founder of the dance group called FleekersUg.

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