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I Pride Myself In Making Music That Speaks To People - Ruyonga

Hip Hop gospel turned artist Edwin Ruyonga has relayed that he prides himself in creating music that entertains and communicates to the audience.

“The goofy songs aren’t taking Hip Hop far. They are just fetching people money and are being a commodity, but it's more than a culture and music that you should be able to play outside a bar and only reminds you to go to the bar,” he said.

He was commenting on the nature of Hip Hop music currently produced by artists who, according to James Onen, sound “goofy”. Ruyonga says that though relevance and relatability are good for the music, it undermines their relevance.

As a gospel rapper, Ruyonga said he brings versatility, stories, and different experiences to the industry. “I pride myself in doing a song that can rundown in clubs but also I try to be creative about it. Songs people can play in their cars and when chilling,” he said.

Ruyonga has worked with musicians such as JGivens, Magg 44, Enygma, Benezeri, Big Trill, and Maurice Kirya.

During his music career, he says he has managed his challenges by keeping his family out of the media.

Ruyonga released Parte Yani, a collaboration featuring Zex Bilangilangi & Wonder JR. Asked whether it was a strategy to get back to the local audience, Ruyonga said he wanted to rejuvenate the HipHop industry.

“I know most of these artists personally. I tried aligning them into something different. I’ve known Zex the same way when I got Ykee and all their songs are dope, but I feel that I bring out a different side of them,” he disclosed.

Ruyonga has just released his new album Kabalega named after the legendary King of the Bunyoro Kingdom, which includes Parte Yani. He says the songs were written during the pandemic but are joyful.

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