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I'm Trying To Create Content Around Helping People Find Love - Daniel Irish Kanyerezi

Former Capital FM’s Late Date Show host Daniel Irish Kanyerezi has broken the silence about his next move nearly a year after quitting his job at the Kisementi-based radio station.

Kanyerezi, a former comedian with the Amarula family rose to fame for mimicking the Late Bbaale Francis a veteran news anchor at the UTV turned UBC TV. He revealed that he is now making strides in helping singles find love. He has successfully helped over 34 couples get into long-term relationships.

“Some of those couples have invited me for kukyala. Also this year I have a wedding coming up in December. The matches are still ongoing, it's just that now I don't have a platform where I can project my voice. But I’m trying to formulate a way to inform people about what I am doing. I’m trying to build content around it and to help as many people as possible,” he explained.

Kanyerezi, who also goes by Doctor of Small Animals, said he is setting up a production studio at his residence for the same cause.

The same influenced his decision to quit as a presenter on Capital FM where he had served for seven years follows his discovery of a new niche in serving humanity.

Kanyerezi’s passion for the radio was evident since high school when he went into television presenting to pave his way.

He started by mimicking teachers and his peers were entertained so much that they advised him to join the Amarula Family. His talent got him admitted into the Amarula mimicking Bbaale Francis.

He made his first show in senior five at the then Wallet Pub Kabuusu. “Before I went to the stage, the people backstage were wondering how I was going to pose as a Bbaale Francis character at my age. So they got powder, got it all over my hair and face for the beard and I presented my first act,” he narrated.

“Everything happened so fast, in one week I was a star. I acted as the anchor for our show with the Amarula Family at the WBS egabudde concert. We had a solid performance and Kenneth Kazooba offered us a show on WBS TV to create a similar concept.”

With his fame, he was given several offers from different media outlets such as Capital FM which he missed because he was still in school. However, he was finally given a chance to present on Spirit FM in Mukono for a Saturday show, where his radio journey began.

Since then Kanyerezi got into radio presentations to management on different stations. He worked with Bob FM, Sanyu FM, and Capital FM where he conceptualized his brand around relationships and dating, helping single people find love.

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