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“I'm Not Interested in acting for Hollywood “ - Lesham Kenogo

Young and vibrant Actress, Lesham Kenogo has revealed that she has no interest in acting and featuring in Hollywood movies at the moment.

She made this known in an interview with Fatboy during the Filmscope Ug segment where she claimed that her interest areas include breaking into European, South American and Indian markets where she will be able to creatively showcase her work.

“Hollywood is reaching a limit in its storytelling that's more inclined to superheroes and peculiar abilities which aren't in my interest .Besides, I don't want to be creatively restricted by its beauty and societal standards which assign specific acting roles to black people.”

When asked by Fatboy whether she doesn't want to feature in a slave movie, Kenogo answered, “I’d rather do a colonization movie in Europe because the market there is well-versed with colonialism unlike in the United States that knows much of slavery and won’t go out of their comfort zone to change their storytelling just to suit my preferences. This is why I'm drawn to creating my own.”

Lesham Kanogo happens to be a Ugandan Actress with a Kenyan heritage. She is also a Creative Writer and Producer featuring in works such as Mela (2019), Reflections (2016) and as supervisor in the Quarry (2018).

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