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I Live To Create - Amelia Mbotto Kyakka

Performing Arts teacher, theatre practitioner, and creative artist Amelia Mbotto Kyakka said writing and directing plays give her life fulfillment.

Kyakka got into theatre plays as a child, performing as an actress in her mother’s productions, but without any active interest in the career. Even though both her mother and father were production artists, Kyakka was and is still interested in piloting.

“When I reflected, I believed God didn't make a mistake. Maybe I was born and raised for theatre and just didn't know. Even when I try to run away, it just keeps calling me back,” Kyakka said during an interview with Crystal Newman on The Groove Cafe yesterday.

She narrated that after high school, she was unable to get a piloting course and opted for a Bachelor of Library and Information Sciences (BLIS). However, the government offered her a scholarship in Music Dance, and Drama, and once more, she was in the performing arts after evading it throughout high school and primary.

“So I went for it, but I was grumbling. But one professor Dr. Jessica Kaahwa held my hand, shaped me, helped me travel because of drama, helped me work on different international projects, and by the grace of God and that lady and other professors, I got a first-class degree,” Kyakka said excitedly.

From then, she swore to herself to make the best of everything in the performing arts. Even though she did not see herself taking that path initially, she acknowledges it as the best thing she can ever do anytime, anywhere.

“Even when am not thinking about it, I will be directing or writing a play, even when am so depressed, I will be writing a play, even when I don't feel like meeting people, I will find myself there. So whenever I am creating am not happy I am close to dead when I am not. I feel very bored. So, even when I don't want to, I will be creating,” she said.

After earning her first-class honorary, she got retained by the department where she taught from 2006 - to 2013, before leaving for further studies and recreation.

Three years later, she joined the North Green School. She currently works as a drama teacher and theatre consultant.

She has written and directed a number of South Sudan peace plays and reports. Her recent dubbed Merchant Of Venice was with Aganza Kisakka, The Happy Life Hotel, the Semiteggo folklore done by professor Mary Mirembe Ntangaare and put to life by Kyakka and her team, and several documentaries done with the Great Lakes Team.

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