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I Joined Financing To Make A Difference In People’s Lives - Elijah Omagor

Manager of Konnect Initiatives and lawyer by training Elijah Omagor has voiced how he joined financing after realising that he could directly impact people in the profession, in comparison to law.

The self named ‘Merchant of Prosperity’ while in an interview with Crystal on The Groove Cafe, revealed that he was influenced to join law school because of people’s perceptions of him.

“I became a lawyer by mistake, I say it's by mistake because we don't have a lot of career guidance. In school, I was a good debater and every time I’d debate, people say that I'd make a very good lawyer. I also believed and eventually joined law school but later discovered that law was much more than just debating since going to court was just a tiny percentage of it.”

His journey in finance was kickstarted by his first job as a legal officer, and later as legal manager at Stanbic Bank where he picked interest in financing and investment.

“I fell in love with finance because I could see the difference that a bank as a financial institution makes in people’s lives compared to a law firm. Along the way I went from practicing law to practicing finance even though I still use my legal knowledge in finance,” he said.

The lawyer turned finance officer said that he enjoys doing finance because it lets him be part of the process of improving people’s development and welfare.

Now manager of Konnect Initiatives, Omagor says he has invested in the youth through promoting their talents and helping them make money while benefiting from the stakes in them. “We have a very large young population of talented individuals, and I decided to take some risks by helping some youths turn their talents into businesses as I hold stakes in them. With a few exceptions, most of them have been faithful and given me good strings of income.”

In conclusion to his interview, Omagor gave financial advice to Ugandans, encouraging them to appreciate living within their means by accepting their own financial status and avoiding competition as a key to managing their finances.

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