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I Intend To Impact Families Through The Book ‘Perfect Imperfections’ - Patricia Agarukire

Appearing on the Groove Cafe, marriage counselor, life coach, motivational speaker, and teacher Patricia Agarukire said she intended to reach out to couples through her book perfect imperfections, recognizing God as the backbone of the process of finding love and maintaining a successful marriage.

“Whenever am counseling couples, I always tell them that God is in the midst of the sessions and to imagine that he is sitting there with us, ready to use me to speak or speak directly to them,” Patricia said.

Agarukire is also applauded for her new pre-marital counseling techniques which focus on several issues besides sex that the traditional Sengas focus on.

“At bridal showers, I brought a different angle. Marriages are not just about sex. Yes, it is important and amazing but there’s a lot to a marriage. It's a full wheel of the dimensions of the family,” she explained.

"I explain to couples the importance of giving your all in a marriage. Love your partner to the best of your ability. Remember that you also have flaws but have chosen to come together with this person to start a family together. Center it on God, pray for everything even the sex you're going to have, that it may be fulfilling. Pray for your children so that you can raise them under his foundation,” she said.

With this kind of counseling, Agaurikire notes that many couples sought her advice.

In 2020, she enrolled in a leadership course at the Harvest Institute where as part of the course was tasked to write a book. After asking God what to write about, she soon got the idea.

“During the lockdown, the movement was limited for many, but I kept receiving phone calls from couples struggling with their relationships. It was at that moment that I decided to write a book on marriage. I remember telling a friend about it and she advised me to write about something else and not the hopeless topic of relationships. It was at that point that I even got more convinced to write about love and marriage,” she recalled.

"The book is centered around, love, relationships, and family. It is divided into 10 chapters. She said, “Chapter One talks about the one, and how do you tell the one? I take you through the journey of discovering who the one is. Consider putting God into the equation because knows the right person for you. When you involve him in the journey, the universe will conspire and you will find your path crossing with theirs.”

In her book, she also explains the traditional Church vows, the different types of love, and the pillars that help a marriage last such as forgiveness and prayer.

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