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I Hate Bad Customer Service Because I've Been There - Andrew Karinda

Accounts Relationship Manager at Efficiencie Company Limited Andrew Karinda said that he is dedicated to providing better clientele customer services because he understands the weight of being devalued as a customer.

Karinda, passionate about marketing and communications, says that customers are the backbone of a business and that creating lasting relationships determines their success.

“One thing that puts me off is bad service for instance when you walk into a place and everyone is moody and giving you negative vibes. It discourages me so much but also it helps me understand that I should never put someone in the same situation since I know how it feels to be undervalued and yet customers are supposed to be handled well because they are the lifeline of a business,” he said.

“So I am very passionate about managing the relationships with our customers and making sure that I do my best to provide them with appropriate services despite the attitudes they may have,” he added.

As a Relationship Manager, Karinda noted that survival of businesses has changed from initiating and carrying out transactions to establishing long-lasting relationships with clients who promote the thriving of the business.

Andrew Karinda graduated from Makerere University Business School with a degree in science and marketing. He says that his love to pursue communications as a career made him do the course since it is aligned with mass communication which he initially wanted to do.

He narrated how he was active in his secondary school’s ‘Interact club’ and described himself as one who had a lot interest in emceeing and publicity, inspiration he drew from listening to a lot of radio throughout his younger years.

Now with four years experience in customer service and marketing, the 30-year-old works with a technology solutions company Efficiencie Limited which empowers people and businesses through creating applications that solve societal challenges.

He named the company’s prominent products as Edplus360 and Finhazi. The former is an education management system that digitizes schools’ activities and improves the institution’s operations from administration to service delivery. Finhazi is a savings management system that helps saving groups, corporate SACCOs, investment clubs and microfinances to automate all processes of financial transactions digitally in real time.

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