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I Got The Business Idea From Facebook- Hatiz Collections

Founder of Hatiz Collections, Nanyunja Harriet shared the story of how she acquired the business idea of selling underwear after famous radio host’s Lucky Mbabazi encouraged people to post their businesses on her Facebook page to reach potential clients.

Harriet made the revelation on The Groove Cafe hosted by Crystal Newman. She said that on the Facebook post, she came across a woman named Flower Flower who had uploaded products she was selling at the comfort of her home while being able to watch over her children.

This inspired Hati, then a mother of a one-year old child, who saw this as a viable business idea that could make her some money of her own.

With the guidance of Flower Flower, she got into the business first dealing in second-hand bras and later expanding to a variety of undergarments.

“I started taking pictures of the items and posted them on my status and my friends were receptive. I started going to Owino twice a week and during that time, Flower advised me to create a Facebook page to post the underwear to attain a wider source of customers.“

However, she said that on Facebook, the market for second-hand bras was limited as customers on the platform opted for new ones. She narrated that she then asked her husband for the capital which he gave her without hesitation.

Shortly after purchasing brand new stock, the country plummeted into a lockdown with almost every business put on halt. However, shockingly things worked in Hati’s favour.

“Crystal I am telling you, during that lockdown I made money, people were buying. I like my clients. They would always recommend and support me. Another friend of mine gave me some advice to add more items to the collection so I then included all undergarments from knickers, bras, vests and nightdresses to pyjamas. It worked perfectly well.”

Nanyunja said that she also concentrated on growing her Facebook page following, accepting all the pending friend requests and sending her Facebook friends the link to like her business page.

“Before I knew it, in a month I had over 1000 followers. And remember when your page has a large number of these, it creates more engagement. Some friends shared my items on their pages and that's how I kept on pursuing business. Three years down the road, here I am.”

Hati advised that unlike other businesses, for online stores, a small amount of capital is required to start, as well as internet data and time. She said that in case one does not have the time, they can employ influencers to help them run the business online.

She also encouraged joining networking groups with expert advisers who provide guidance on how once can thrive while doing online businesses, naming people such as Justin Kivumbi and Saidat Katende who educate people on how to successfully manage businesses on digital platforms.

The Groove Cafe with Crystal Newman airs every Weekday from 4-5pm on RX Radio.

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