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I First Earned From Art When I Was In P.6 - Ethan Obua, Solvarts Spaces

When you glance at Ethan’s artwork, you can’t help but acknowledge his artistry gift. Whether Graphics, cartoons, or woodwork, his rich talent is evident in all of it.

It is no wonder that he had his first gig in primary 6 when he designed a poster for a new restaurant with the help of his family members that are also artists.

He narrated, “I was in P.6 the first time art put money in my pocket. I remember one of my mum’s friends was opening up a restaurant and in their conversation, she told her that I'm good at art even though I was young. So i was given the job to make a poster for the restaurant. I asked my auntie for assistance, and she directed me on how to make it.”

Ethan earned 15,000 shillings that he used to repair his bicycle at the time.

“That was the first time, I ever earned from art, and from thereon, the rest is history,” he said

Growing up, Ethan’s dream was to become an artist. His family was filled with artists. As a child, he was attracted to colors, pencils, and pens. He grew up loving to draw and shade pieces and was always the pet of fine art teachers.

Throughout high school, Fineart was his best subject. He decided to pursue art at University with the support of his family members.

At his school, he was also loved by his lecturers who always referred other students to him for consultations and assistance even though he had no idea about the course units sometimes.

He then resorted to using university wifi to watch youtube videos and add to his knowledge so that he could match the model student his lecturers assumed he was.

It was through one business seminar that he came up with Solvarts after one of the panelists asserted that every business idea has to be a solution to a societal problem and how crucial it is turn a passion into a business.

“So I wondered how I could use my passion to provide a solution to society while making money because I realized that most artists are specialists in particular areas. But to my advantage or disadvantage, am a multi-discipline artist, and I used to have people from different specialties like fashion and design, interior designing all seeking my help,” Ethan explained.

“I remember sitting down for about three months trying to get a name for my brand but they were not working out and I came up with Solv and then arts because I was thinking about how I can solve problems in the community using my art,” he concluded.

Ethan Obua is an artist, cartoonist, wood worker by skill and graphics designer by profession. He graduated in graphics design and majored in graphics design. He is also the CEO of solvart spaces which deals in wood work and interior design.

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