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Humura to plus-size women: Be comfortable in your skin

Podcaster and tourism blogger Ruth Humura has advised women to always love themselves and feel comfortable in their skin despite what other people may say about them.

Humura in a chat with Crystal Newman on The Groove Cafe on RX Radio, revealed that as a young girl in high school, she was always bullied because she was big in size.

"It was real hard for me maybe because I was in a mixed school. They said I had slept with different men; they made a list of sluts and I was number two and yet I was very innocent," she Said.

Humura added, "With time I learnt to accept myself and feel confident in my own skin. I love my body. I exercise some times and try to eat healthy but it's not something that I feel obligated to do. I also love my natural hair which is simple as more people are now accepting of a woman with natural hair.

"My advice to women is to find what you are comfortable with and be exactly that without focusing on the prejudices of other people,'' Humura said during the Monday show.

Humura further advised Ugandans to love and promote our country by considering local tourism because Uganda is very blessed with a lot of great sites.

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