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How To Differentiate A True Motivator From A Quack - Lawrence Namale

Appearing on RX Radio’s Brunch Talk today was Lawrence Namale, a life coach and motivational speaker centered on helping people find their life’s purpose.

As we go through life, each and every one of us is bound to face difficulties from time to time. However, coping with these challenges becomes harder and yet sometimes, all one may need is motivation to stay strong. But how does one find true inspiration in times of need without being duped?

According to motivational speaker Lawrence Namale, the biblical scripture of Matthew 7:16 explains this best. He said that like false prophets mentioned in the Bible, true or fake motivational speakers are identified by their fruits.

He added that sometimes, one may be motivated by a quack motivational speaker unknowingly. However, he advised that one needs to look out for the following before falling victim:


“Is it commensurate with what they are saying? Someone might tell you that you need to save money and so on yet they do not save themselves. They say that you need to kiss your wife in the morning yet they do not. In other words, they preach water and drink wine. So you will know them by their fruits,” Namale said.

2. Consistency

According to Namale, a real motivational speaker is one that sticks to a particular motivation message and dedicates his/her attention to helping people succeed in that aspect.

“Someone who has been in the industry, come rain or sunshine yet can always count on their consistent message. Someone like Lawrence Namale; when you track his message since 2010 when he started, you will find keywords in his speech like purpose, potential and inspiration that he never deviates from what he says and has never jumped from one thing to another, so there’s always been consistency.”

3. Content

Namale added that a true motivational speaker can only be identified as someone whose life depicts what they preach.

“If you visit their websites or social media handles, are they living the message? Because at the end of the day a motivational speaker lives the message themselves, they are inspired by it.”

He went on to explain further that although amateur motivational speakers may not have all the content about their subjects of speciality, they can borrow content but more importantly give credence to their sources of information and use their own life experiences to inspire others instead of making the information sound like it's originally theirs.

Asked to name some of the influential motivational speakers on a local and international level, Lawrence Namale mentioned himself saying he has a podcast with over 1000 episodes of motivational speaking about purpose- on how one can find it, live it and even make money off it. He also named Samuel A. Bakuutana, Daniel Kyodrey, Ethan Musolini and Philip Kambe.

Internationally he mentioned Dr K.N Jacob, a preacher and motivational speaker, the late Zig Ziggler, Jim Ronn and Tom Robbins who have books and courses on real motivational speaking.

Brunch Talk is hosted by Olive Najjuma Monica every Saturday from Midday to 1pm on RX Radio.

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