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Having A Purpose Is The Only Way To Having A Fulfilling Life - Maria Natukunda

Ever wondered what your life’s purpose is? What drives your life’s decisions, goals, and behavior?

Today on the Brunch Talk Show, Maria Natukunda, the co-founder of So She Said, an all-female group of filmmakers, said having purpose is the only thing that can enable someone to live a meaningful life.

According to Natukunda, the purpose is something that gives a person a sense of fulfillment whether they are or are not paid for it.

Purpose, according to Natukunda includes self-accountability and gauging ways for one to live a fulfilling life without blaming others or the situations around them

“Finding your life purpose not only gives your life fulfillment but also helps a person navigate the highs and lows of life. And if you have no sense of direction, you can always be shaken by anything and get into turmoil, and in turmoil, you’ll develop a negative attitude towards everything,” she explained.

From personal experience, she confessed to having had feelings of emptiness before finding her life's purpose as a storyteller, even though she had a stable job and family.

The lack of purpose, she says, makes one lack happiness and a sense of fulfillment for instance, in careers later impacting their productivity.

“Some people may have to drift from their core strengths and reprogram themselves to fit a certain job description. For example, someone may be an introvert with IT as their escape. But because the pressure is always about getting a job, a relative can connect this kind of person to a customer service job in a bank, usually causing them frustration and a lot of unhappiness,” she said.

This is the reason why staff in certain organizations and companies carry an ‘I don’t care attitude’ because they might be misplaced and lack purpose in their lives, she said.

She, therefore, advises people to take a self-audit of themselves and discover what they love to help them navigate and have a happy work-life.

Fortunately, she said purposes are dynamic and have no time limit. For instance, someone can have an obligation to mother children, and when they are old enough to take care of themselves, they can as well find purpose in something else.

How to find your purpose? Natukunda relayed that one has to decide to do more than their job. Finding a community or group of people with similar interests and mentors to help expand your knowledge in the field of interest. In addition to self-education through reading.

Brunch Talk is hosted by Olive Najjuma Monica every Saturday from Midday to 1 pm on RX Radio.

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