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Government Needs To Do Something About Youth Unemployment - David Musumbya

Professional journalist and practising agriculturalist David Musmbya has revealed that, like many other youths, he left the country to seek better pastures.

Musumbya, while being interviewed by Crystal on The Groove Cafe, said that before moving to Qatar where he has been for a month, he was working as a journalist for two years before venturing into tomato farming.

A business that his family also does, he has gained experience in tomato growing that has enabled him to gain a vast market despite the costly pesticides and equipment that became a great obstacle to his work.

“The government one time tried to put out a measure to purchase them on behalf of Ugandans such that it would sell to them at a cheaper price but it was not done,” he narrated.

He said that though many farmers may have start-up capital, they are unable to afford equipment like water pumps for irrigation during dry seasons; in addition to the fluctuating prices. And because of this, it prompted him to leave the country to search for better opportunities.

“Uganda is beautiful and everyone admits, but there are some things that are still lacking. Most people are struggling to survive and the government as an institution hasn’t come up with a practical solution to solve youth unemployment. If there was an easy way for everyone to leave the country, most youths would have left for other countries in search of a better living. Youth unemployment is something the government needs to work on,” he said.

He went on to add,“By the time I left Uganda ,there was the Emyooga SACCO introduced by the government for the youth but when this money is released, those in charge of distributing it to the groups take it and sometimes it doesn’t reach the intended people yet no one is held accountable,”

“You find one person chewing money that would have helped more than 100,000 and they won't be penalised,” he concluded.

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