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Fulfil the Shs 20b promise before we can open schools- Private Schools owners ask Government

Private School owners are insisting that they will not open schools for continuing students if the president does not fulfil his promise of giving them the Ugx 20b stimulus package.

In a chat with Olive Najjuma during the Fatboy show on RX Radio on Monday, Juma Mwamula, the General Secretary Private Teachers” Association of Uganda urged the president of Uganda, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni to fulfil his promise if he wants the education of Ugandan children to resume without interruption.

“If there is partial opening of schools, most of the school owners may have to sell their schools because it is unaffordable. The income of the school would have been minimised while the cost of operation will increase as schools try to fulfil all the SOPs set. If owners got that money, it would subside the income of the schools until all the students report back and the situation goes back to normal,” he said.

Mwamula also noted that there was no reason for the Ministry of Education to keep some learners at home under the pretext of Covid-19 pandemic as children that are being kept home are not following SOPs either.

“We want schools fully reopened because the reasoning behind keeping children at home does not make sense. These children are at an even higher risk because they are in markets, bars and mixing with parents at home who are going to parties and burials. How is that different from a school setting? Actually, in a school setting, we would be able to monitor the children better since we have order and rules,” he said.

All schools in Uganda were shutdown in march 2020 after the break out of Covid-19 pandemic. Later last year, candidate classes resumed school while the rest of the classes were asked to stay home until further notice. Just recently, the Minister of Education and sports Janet Kataha Museveni announced that Nursery school education had been suspended indefinitely and that schools will open soon for the sub candidate classes like P.6 and senior and S.3 while the rest of the classes will open in a phased manner.

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