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Film Producer Kiremire: ’27 Guns’ film was a big success despite its shortcomings

Film producer and Director, Enock Ikiriza Kiremire has revealed that the Ugandan film ’27 Guns’ that was released in 2018 was a big financial success despite criticism from a section of Ugandans.

While appearing on RX Radio on The Fatboy Show during the FilmScope Ug segment on Thursday, Kiremire who was one of the two producers of the movie said that although the film had many challenges, it was a big success in terms of sell-out and made a big contribution to Uganda’s film industry.

“The film had many successes but also many challenges. However, a lot of people were interested in watching the movie. Both the first and second CD releases sold out, so it was successful. The other thing that made me very proud of that movie was that it was the first Ugandan locally made film to be fully funded and made by Ugandans,” he said in an interview with presenter Olive Najjuma.

27 Guns is a Ugandan action, adventure biopic film about President Museveni and his military colleagues during the Ugandan bush war. It was written and directed by the President’s daughter Natasha Museveni Karugire.

Kiremire further noted that Uganda’s film industry is still lagging behind because of individualism and monopolism by some film producers who want to single-handedly carry out all the roles and responsibilities related to film production, as well as lack of proper structures in the industry.

“Some filmmakers want to be story writers, directors, producers and even act in their own films. That leaves a lot to be desired about the films that these producers make because that film will only be as good as that individual issue. Filmmakers must learn to specialise and let other people have the expertise on their projects because two heads will always be better than one,” he said.

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