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Film Director Kyasi: Funding and content remains biggest challenge for Uganda’s film industry

Film Director, Cinematography and producer, Joseph Kitsha Kyasi has cited that lack of funding is the biggest challenge that Uganda’s film industry is facing at the moment.

While appearing on RX Radio on The Fatboy Show during the FilmScope Ug with DSTV Uganda segment, Kyasi, who has been involved in some popular films like The Cut and Imperial Blue, noted that as a film director and producer, finding funding to do your own project in Uganda is still very hard because different stakeholders have not understood the importance of the industry.

“Right now, a film maker may have content that you think will make a great film project but it will be hard to prove that the content is good enough for the market at the moment and that makes it hard to get the funders’ interest,” he said.

Kyasi noted that Uganda’s film industry is growing fast enough but still there is much needed to be done to bring it to the level of the other big film industries like Nigeria and South Africa.

“Right now, it's easier to get your film on TV because the television industry has now understood the importance of having local content on TV as the audience is now demanding for it compared to how it was 5 years back,” he added.

Kyasi advised young people that are willing to get into filmmaking to have commitment and patience as those are top qualities that can help one to succeed in the film industry.

“You need to have enough patience to wait long enough for things to happen. Success in the film industry does not come overnight. Also, one needs to be able to educate themselves every day. You need to be humble enough to learn from others,” he said.

Filmscope UG with DSTV Uganda, is a feature on The Fatboy Show on RX Radio, dedicated to celebrating Ugandan film and television talent as well giving daily updates on the latest developments, offers and programmes at DSTV Uganda.

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