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Fatboy: Women want me because they think I am rich

RX Radio Proprietor and Presenter James Onen aka Fatboy has said a lot of women lately flatter him with fake compliments because they think he has money to spend on them.

While on Tuesday’s The Fatboy Show, Fatboy said that women nowadays call him ‘cute and handsome’, which is news to him because no one thought he was handsome when he was young and broke.

“Women approach me all the time and tell me that I am cute, I look in the mirror and see the same old me and I don’t understand it. I believe they are complementing me because they think I have a lot of money that I can invest in them. When I was young and interested, most women didn’t want me, now that I am retired, they all want me” Fatboy joked.

He advised men to be careful with women that were previously uninterested in them, starting to overly show interest when one’s financial status changes.

His co-host, Olive Najjuma joked that since he owns a radio station, it is right for women to assume Fatboy is rich.

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