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Fatboy: Women never Forgive or Forget Cheating

Rx Radio Presenter James Onen aka Fatboy has said it is unlikely for a couple to survive after a man cheats on a woman and is caught.

Fatboy said that although a woman may pretend to forgive you, the fact that you cheated on her stays with her and with time, she will revenge on you and may end up even leaving you years after. Fatboy was referring to the ongoing divorce case between American celebrities, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

“Most celebrity couples cannot sustain a marriage. The next ones to divorce will be Beyonce and Jay-Z. Even though they survived Jay-z’s cheating incident, I am sure Beyonce has not forgotten because women don’t forget these cheating incidents,” he said.

His co-host, Olive Najjuma agreed with Fatboy and said some women may go to the extent of sleeping with other men and having children outside the marriage just punish a guy for cheating on them.

“I read a story where a woman was cheated on by a husband. She decided to have three babies from different men and at the time, she was pregnant with the man’s best friend’s kid. Some women are that vindictive which is sad because in the end, it will be the children to suffer,” Olive said.

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