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Fatboy: Women Are To Blame For Failed Marriages

Commenting on the finalised divorce between Former Vice President Gilbert Balibaseka Bukenya and ex-wife Magret Bukenya, James Onen aka Fatboy has come out to say that women are the sole cause of failed marriages.

He claimed that women will display the best version of themselves and trick the man into wedding them only to change in due course.

“Every time you see a man getting married, understand that there are certain circumstances that compelled him to. Some of these include the woman presenting the best version of herself,” he said.

“You know you meet this woman and she seems so perfect. She agrees with everything you say, gives you sex on demand, cooks for you, treats you well and is always all over you! In your head you think this is the woman you have been looking for all your life,” he commented.

He went on to add, “And so u pop the question and get married, what you don't realize is that she was advertising and marketing herself because she wanted to get the ring. After she gets the ring, all that sweet love making reduces to a trickle, and for cooking she will say, ‘the kitchen is there, you have hands so cook for yourself.’”

In contrast, Olive said that men complain about women changing but so do women. “I think what happens here is that life happens and people evolve. In the case of Bukenya, you wanting to get the same chick you vibed 29 years ago and her wanting to get the same guy who put in effort 29 years ago is not possible,” she contended.

However, Fatboy insisted that when a woman wants to get married, she will put in a lot of effort to show her wifely qualities, making the man choose her among his options yet after marriage, the man will wonder where that woman disappeared to.

However, Olive also protested by saying, “Women too have met men that have wined and dined them, taken them for trips and given them money without asking. I remember in the past, there was a guy I dated and sometimes when I would call him on the phone he’d be like ‘you don't sound happy, I think you're broke, let me send you some money.’ But when that man marries you, all that stops. Everytime you want something he’ll bring up excuses, especially those you can't object to such as paying rent or fees.”

“But then he’s going to use the same money he's claiming no to have to buy rounds of beer for his friends or spend it on other women. I think at some point, we all change and stop trying hard to please the other person,” she argued.

Meanwhile, Fatboy encouraged people who know that they can't manage monogamy to be honest with themselves and avoid getting married.

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