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Fatboy: Women Are Misusing The Word ‘Abuse’

The Fatboy Show Presenter James Onen aka Fatboy has accused women of always crying wolf even in the simplest of situations, especially in this era of women emancipation.

During this year, Fatboy says that through different experiences, he has learnt that most women claim to be victims of abuse by their ex-partners but only because the reasons were not favourable towards them.

“Sometimes a man could just be displeased with the conduct of his woman’s friends, or a male workmate she is overly close to, and on asking her to disassociate with them, she will term that as emotional abuse. Even if a man suggests that his woman should do more exercise or if he raises a complaint that he isn’t getting enough sexual intimacy, this would be regarded as abuse, rendering almost everything as abusive whenever the woman sees it as inconveniencing for her.”

Lesham, the Co-host of the show, in agreement, said that the term has itself been abused yet those who play victim are most times the abusers.

“Personally, I have learnt that the person who screams abuse is the abuser, because the people who actually get abused rarely talk about it since it's often private information. Moreover, some individuals have taken it as far as saying that being blocked on social media is abuse!” she said.

However, Fatboy acknowledged that most men who truly love their spouses tend to be possessive and restrict their women from going to certain places, and get concerned with people they associate with because of insecurity.

“You may or may not agree that to have those insecurities is a good thing, but just because a man expresses that insecurity, I dont think it's fair to call it abuse,” he said.

In closing, Lesham recognized that this might result from the improper communication between the two partners who don't discuss each other’s expectations earlier in the relationship, later causing instances of mistrust and insecurity which may lead to its demise.

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