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Fatboy: Why Wasn’t The Uganda Airlines CEO Charged If He Mismanaged Public Funds

Yesterday, Cornwell Muleya, the former CEO of Uganda Airlines, was arrested for disobeying orders of the Inspector General of Government when he didn't appear for a summon on May 23, 2022, in which he was to provide information to facilitate investigations into the allegations of mismanagement of the Uganda Airlines.

The arrest comes at a time when the former CEO filed a case against the government seeking compensation of 3.3 billion shillings over the alleged illegal termination of his contract.

He was suspended by Road and Transport Works Minister Gen Katumba Wamala on orders of the President to make way for investigations into the alleged mismanagement of the Airline funds, collusion, and nepotism, among other issues.

“Were they ever able to prove those allegations? Because I know investigations were conducted. If they could find any proof of impropriety, they would have charged him with an offence, but they have not. They are instead arresting him for disobeying the IGG’s orders, whatever that means,” James Onen, the Fatboy Show presenter inferred.

He probed whether the action would serve as an example to other public service sectors that have repeatedly been accused of the same offences.

His co-host Olive Najjuma responded that only if the sectors do their work transparently. She added, “it gets worse if you’re working for the government because Muleya was at the top of Ugandan Airlines, but then there were other people. If among the accusations is nepotism, he’s not Ugandan and that doesn’t apply to him. He must have been used to doing whatever he did.”

She insisted that it must have been other top officials involved in nepotism without his knowledge. However, she believed that as a CEO, one is supposed to make informed decisions.

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