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Fatboy: Why Not Add Paternity Testing To Other Mandatory Tests?

Some men are raising children that are not biologically theirs, hence being a waste of time, resources and emotions only to find out years later that they do not belong to them.

Today, on The Fatboy show, RX Radio Presenters Fatboy and Daniel Omara have asked the Government to consider making paternity testing mandatory. This is to reduce the rate of paternity fraud in the population.

According to Fatboy, since the Government is open to the idea of carrying out mandatory tests, paternity tests ought to be added to the list.

“For two years now, the Government has been encouraging Ugandans to get tested for Covid-19 and then get vaccinated. Why not have paternity testing made compulsory as one other layer of bureaucracy in the health system?” he asked.

Daniel also conceded to this saying, “Although it might seem like mistrust from the man in question, it is the only way to avert fraud. However, it is bound to leave many children fatherless.”

Fatboy then added how most men are ignorant about paternity fraud and at times it is taken for granted yet it is emotionally devastating.

”The extent to which men are being deceived in relation to issues of paternity is insane. People may quiver about who lies more between men and women but the fact is women tell bigger lies because lying to someone that a child is his, for me surpasses any lie a man can tell a woman,” Fatboy said.

The Presenter reasoned that a man can lie about having an affair or his whereabouts, however lying to one that a child is theirs is the ultimate lie.

“Saying to someone that this is your kid and then this guy devotes 18 plus years of his life, blood, sweat and money for a child not to be his for me is hands down the worst.”

Daniel condemned paternity fraud, calling it evil. He said that paternity tests need to be made mandatory and should it be discovered that the man has been taking care of the pregnancy or a child that is not his, then the woman has to make a refund of the resources by three times.

According to Very Well Family, a parenting news blog, paternity fraud can be psychologically breaking to a man who devotes his resources to raise a child whom they believe is theirs only to find out later that he isn’t the biological father.

Paternity fraud is more pronounced in Nigeria being ranked at 30 percent of the population as of 2021 as revealed by Abasi- Ene Obong, the Chief Executive Officer of Stack Diagnostics to

The Fatboy show is hosted by James Onen aka Fatboy, Olive and Sarah every weekday from 6am to 10am on RX Radio.

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