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Fatboy: Why Is Self Gratification Considered Good For Women But Evil For Men?

According to research, many people turn to individual sexual satisfaction during puberty.

Even though some reports indicate that it is perfectly normal and healthy, and is one way to help women understand their bodies, highly religious settings consider it evil.

Also, some health experts argue that masturbation can have side effects such as inflammation of the genitals and affects one’s psyche and sexual relationship with one’s partner.

As James Onen, aka Fatboy, pondered on the Fatboy Show today, why women are encouraged to engage in sexual self-pleasure and men are discouraged from doing so.

“I don’t understand why it is viewed with more positivity for women. It is considered a form of women understanding themselves and their bodies, whereas, for men, it is terrible and evil!” Fatboy stated.

His co-presenter Daniel Omara also questioned the same argument saying since women can easily obtain sex, they should be the ones to be regarded as evil when they decide to take matters into their own hands.

“What a woman has to do is to walk out of the house and see someone she likes. Your chances of failing are very slim. If you go out and shoot your shot and say you want some. As men, we can’t do that,” said Daniel.

The perceptions about masturbation differ from culture to culture and religion. Most conservative societies view masturbation as a sin, while other cultures and health experts encourage it for sexual pleasure, releasing sexual tension, and preventing activities that would cause STIs.

Some health experts, however, warn that excessive masturbation can ruin sexual relationships, and it can affect family and friendship relations because it makes a person addicted and withdraws from others. Those who oppose it argue that it causes erectile dysfunction, increases the risk of prostate cancer, reduces sexual libido among women, and causes guilt-related trauma.

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