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Fatboy: Why Didn't The Police Let NUP Members Observe The Omoro County Elections?

According to James Onen aka Fatboy, the winner of the Omoro sub-county elections was so obvious that it didn't require the Police to arrest observers from the leading opposition party- the National Unity Platform.

On Thursday last week, NUP’s spokesperson Joel Ssenyonyi came out to dismiss the Omoro election results saying that they were unfair because their observers were arrested and did not get a chance to witness whether the election was free and fair.

While on NBS TV’s Frontline Show, Ssenyonyi said that although what happened in Omoro wasn't new, it undermined the democratic purpose of it being fair.

“Why does the government do things like this? Because to me, that election struck me as the kind which the son of the late Speaker would have won easily without engaging in anything questionable. So why didn't they just let the observers do their job so that there wouldn't be any complaints after?” Fatboy asked Olive Najjuma.

Olive responded that sometimes Police’s actions are driven by spite because, in the Omoro district, all the stakes were in the favour of Ojok since he is the son of the late Speaker Jacob Oulanyah.

“It was so clear that this guy had a clear-cut win. Even now I still think this guy won fair and square. People vote emotionally and Ojok was voted in because his father died. Arresting opponents doesn't make sense, you don't have to,” she said.

Nonetheless, the duo congratulated Andrew Ojok and hoped that he carries on his father’s legacy or even transcend greater.

Ojok in a landslide victory last Wednesday scooped 14424 votes against his opponent, also NUP’s Simon Toolit Akecha who came second with 1,633 votes.

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