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Fatboy: Why Did Schools Bother Teaching Home Economics To Girls?

Many Ugandans that passed through the old education curriculum say studying theories that are impractical in reality and the history of North American countries was a waste of time.

Commenting on the same on the Fatboy Show today, James Onen aka Fatboy queried why schools taught home economics when most girls grow up to employ maids to do the kitchen work.

“Why do schools bother teaching girls Home Economics yet upon graduating, they become career women who will hire housegirls to manage the home?” Fatboy inquired.

Olive argued that if a woman hires a housegirl who doesn’t know how to cook, she suffers because the home will have awful meals. She reasoned that home economics helped career women to train their maids on how to make tasty food.

But Cynthia, a contributor to the show, nullified all subjects taught in the old national curriculum.

“I think everything we studied in school was useless. The only thing that school provided was helping us network and socialize, which is the only thing significant in the world,” she said.

Cynthia opined that the International curriculum is the one suitable for children today. Though expensive, she recognized that it provides value for money, unlike the national curriculum that teaches children Geography and social studies for the sake of sitting and passing exams.

In addition, Olive said that with the changing global trends, the country should consider teaching children about socialization, social capital, and Financial discipline. “We end up going through life with no saving and investment culture because, in school, we were studying about countries in North America.”

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