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Fatboy: Whenever There Is Need For Government Response, The First Thing It Does Is Ask For Money

The Ministry of Health is seeking 68 billion shillings to facilitate the activities to curb the deadly ebola disease.

Speaking to the press on Saturday, Dr. Jane Ruth Achieng, after a meeting with donors and Executives from the World Health Organisation informed that the 68 billion shillings are way below the amounts needed to respond to the Ebola.

Commenting on the Minister's plea, James Onen said Government Ministries are fond of asking for money in case such catastrophes arise, but his worry is the failure to account for it.

“Health costs money, and whenever there is a need for government response, the first thing they do is ask for money. You would think there is money for such emergencies, but they always seem to need more,” Fatboy said.

However, Olive defended the government, saying Ebola, just like the Covid 19 pandemic, wasn’t foreseen and the damage it will cause is not presumed.

“I believe they put money aside for these things, but most times, they don’t know to what extent we shall be affected. Now that Ebola seems to stay longer hence the need for more funds,” she said.

She referred to how the Uganda Medical Association (UMA) maintained that they wouldn’t partake in the Ebola response because they do not have the necessary Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Fatboy insisted that 68 billion is still an exorbitant sum given that there has never been accountability for how the monies are spent, adding that it could be why members of the public have not contributed to the fight despite its continued spread.

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