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Fatboy: When A woman Pays Anything For Me, I Feel Timid

As an old fashioned guy, RX Radio presenter James Onen, widely known as Fatboy has said that when in a relationship, he won't let a woman touch her money purse for any household expenses.

This was during the Fatboy Show today where him and Olive delved into the question of whether or not working women should contribute 50 percent of their incomes to household expenses.

When giving her response, Olive Najjuma ,the show co-host said that, “working women should contribute 50 percent of their incomes to household expenses on condition that their working husbands are also contributing 50 percent onto raising, nurturing the family and everything that is involved.”

Fatboy also reasoned that given the income disparity in most relationships, it would be unfair for the low earning partner in most cases the woman to contribute 50 percent of her salary. As a traditional guy, Fatboy said that he would feel awkward if a woman had to foot household bills in his presence.

“Personally, I am an old fashioned guy. I feel so uncomfortable when a woman pulls out her purse because I feel like it's my responsibility to take care of myself and her when we are together. So it makes me feel awkward when she makes the payment. Not to say that there haven't been times when someone may offer, but it always felt bad because it kinda makes me feel small. Honestly when a woman pays anything for me, I feel timid,” he asserted.

But Olive asked him if he feels uncomfortable when the woman offers to take him for lunch or in moments when he is financially stuck and it's only a woman to bail him out. Fatboy responded that he would be uncomfortable in both instances saying that one of the reasons he wouldn't let a woman bail him out when faced by financial difficulty is because she will tell everyone or bring it up in an argument.

Olive similarly said that if a man can’t play his role in a home setting, there will be trouble. “How can a man be comfortably sleeping in the house when the wife pays rent for a whole year?There’s a month or two when things are tight but if you leave all that to her, then she’s going to be pissed and women don't do well when roles are turned around and they are doing everything.”

However, Fatboy concluded that couples could decide on what works for them and what makes them happy.

He added that, “there are ways to inspire men to foot all the bills. Women don't understand that our natural state makes us feel joy when footing the bills. It's just that when you're with a woman who isn't too nice, you won't be very okay covering everything. But if you have a very affectionate sweet woman who is very caring, obedient, kind and respectful, then it will be your greatest joy to take care of her needs.”

The Fatboy show is hosted by James Onen aka Fatboy, Olive and Sarah every weekday from 6am to 10am on RX Radio.

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