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Fatboy: What Is The Purpose Of The IGG If Not To Fight Corruption?

Appointed by the President to fight against corruption, the Inspector General of Government (IGG) Beti Kamya, has been warned by the former to take things slow in the fight against corruption otherwise she will scare corrupt officials into investing government money in foreign countries.

The President, talking about how Uganda is still fortunate to have corrupt officials investing in the country, for instance when they construct five star hotels, added that though the IGG’s lifestyle audit is good, it could cause the country to lose surpluses of money to other countries.

In amusement, RX Radio Presenter and The Fatboy Show host James Onen wondered whether the President’s warnings weren't controversial since the IGG was appointed to bring the vice to an end.

“I think what the President is trying to advocate for is the lesser of two evils. Would you rather let them steal the money and invest it elsewhere or do you want them to steal the money and keep it here? But if that's what the President is saying, then why even have an IGG?” he asked.

However, he said that the argument has been seconded by a number of people including journalists such as Andrew Mwenda who think that corruption contributes to the development of the country when the officials use the loot to construct hotels, schools, hospitals and the like that generate revenue for the country and create jobs for citizens.

Lesham, the show Co-host, said in consensus that corruption is a worldwide vice, though the Western world tries to reflect it as much worse in Africa.

“The West likes to point fingers at us as extremely corrupt, but their corruption just has more red tape. So I believe there is no country that doesn't have corruption, the systems just have to be made harder for people to be corrupt but it's always there, so let them invest,” she said.

She added, “I think we just need to make like a 20-year plan for fighting corruption because I feel like this pulling people under the rug is not working, and maybe that is what the President is trying to caution against.”

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