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Fatboy: What Good Does It Do To Live Long And Accomplish Nothing Worth Recognizing?

When it comes to old age, Fatboy asked whether it is a matter of how long one lives or the legacy they leave behind.

This question arose while commenting on the first set of pilgrims to reach Namugongo Martyrs Shrine among which was Bernaldo Tibyanje who claims to be 100 years of age.

“What good does it do you to live for 100 years having not accomplished anything? People like Thomas Sankara died at the age of 35. Look at names such as Jimmy Hendricks, Amy Winehouse etc. They all died young.”

However Olive Najjuma said that the quality of life rings differently in the ears of different people because most people today weigh success according to the wealth one has amassed, their position or social status and perhaps in Tibyanje’s family, he may be the image his family members look upto.

Fatboy went on to ask her what the "right" time to die is.

She answered: “When I am asked that question, I always think about my children. I don't attach a particular age to death but if I could live long enough for my children to grow up and achieve success in different aspects of their lives, that would be good enough time for me to die.”

Together with 18 other pilgrims, Tibyanje shocked many when he trekked an estimated 350 Km from his residence in Kigoma village, Nyabubare Sub-county, Bushenyi District at his age and reached the Namugongo Shrines in perfect health.

He attributed his long life to keeping fit, eating boiled food, avoiding alcohol and cigarette smoking.

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