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Fatboy: What Could The Demands Of ADF Be?

Earlier this month, Uganda Peoples Defence Forces launched attacks on the Allied Democratic Forces at their main Congo base. Over 1700 soldiers were sent to defeat the rebels who had so far captured 4 terrorist camps and were responsible for the Kampala twin bombings on 16th november 2021.

On 24th December, Kambi Ya Yua was captured without resistance by the joint UPDF and DR Congo Forces and is believed to be the biggest terrorist camp of the ADF. It is seated on eight acres of Virunga forest and is suspected to have haboured 600 ADF/ISCAP terrorists and their families.

James Onen, RX Radio Presenter, also known as Fatboy, probed the intentions of ADF that still seem unknown yet they have claimed thousands of civilian lives since the group’s inception in 1995.

“Is there simply no way to engage these people in talks? What are their demands and can a compromise be made? Or do they want to have representation in power? What exactly is it that the ADF wants?” He questioned.

Additionally, Olive Najjuma, the Co-host on The Fatboy Show, said that unlike other rebel groups that name their demands, the ADF’s are unknown.

“When you listen to all speeches by the security authorities, you never get to hear what the ADF demands are. The Islamic State (IS), for instance, launches attacks and then says they want UPDF forces out of Somalia. But for the ADF, the Government has not presented to us a reason as to why we are being attacked,” she said.

However, Fatboy reasoned that the ADF’s affiliation to the IS which is an Islamic extremist group would possibly provide no room for negotiations since the groups aim at conquering power and imposing their religious beliefs onto citizens, a cause they are always willing to fight for till their last breath.

The Presenters further urged Ugandans to keep safe and vigilant during the New Year’s celebrations since the ADF rebel attacks could happen anytime in vengeance for the UPDF activities on them in the DRC.

The Fatboy show is hosted by James Onen aka Fatboy, Olive, Sarah and Lesham every weekday from 6am to 10am on RX Radio.

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