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Fatboy: We Need To Acknowledge That Gender Equality Is Idealistic

Often concerned by people who advocate for gender equality, James Onen aka Fatboy has come out to say that society needs to accept that equal rights between sexes is inapplicable in most fields.

During the Monday morning show, Fatboy and his co-host Lesham were commenting on the subject of gender equality which they believe is one that has been misused and misinterpreted over time.

As the two hosts were discussing American professional Tennis player Serena Williams, Fatboy was concerned by the fact that some people think she is the best athlete to have ever lived yet she has never competed against her male counterparts in the same field. “I hear people saying that Serena Williams is the best athlete to have ever lived by virtue of the fact that she has won most accolades and holds a one minute title.”

“In theory, she could very well qualify as one of the greatest athletes. However, that doesn’t make her the world’s best when there's Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal that she’s never competed against. So if you want to call Serena the best, let's have her play against Federer and see who wins,” he proposed.

Lesham, in a similar stance, said that there’s a reason why sports were gender divided, saying that if they were left to compete together, women would win less to nothing.

“Even Serena acknowledges that she would not be able to beat a man with the same ranking as her. Actually, she admitted that she would get whooped by a man much lower than her in the tennis ranking. And a lot of people are trying to pretend that this is not factual, but it is,” Lesham said.

Fatboy further gave an instance of where the American Women’s Soccer Team played a match against fifteen-year-old boys and got beaten 5-0 yet they had been complaining of being paid less than their male counterparts for playing the same game.

“I think we should understand that we complement one another, that women just like men are strong in different fields in their own way, just like female models are paid more than male models and so are female pornstars. So we need to accept that certain genders in certain fields attract higher following and commercial values than others and that’s just how it is,” Fatboy recommended.

The Fatboy show is hosted by James Onen aka Fatboy, Olive, Sarah and Lesham every weekday from 6am to 10am on RX Radio.

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