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Fatboy: We Have A Serious Defilement Epidemic In The Country


James Onen, commonly known as Fatboy, expressed distress over the increased cases of defilement in Uganda.

This was during RX Radio’s The Fatboy Show as he commented on a vicious fight between two men over a Primary seven pupil that later resulted in their deaths.

In Ngora Town Council, 28-year-old Dickson Okiror allegedly found Umar Anapa (29) at a drinking joint with his girlfriend (a primary seven girl) who is also a minor, and beat him severely making him succumb to injuries shortly after arriving at Ngora Fred Hospital.

Upon hearing of his death, Anapa's clansmen searched for Okiror, met him in his house, and beat him to a coma. He also died shortly after being admitted to Ngora Health Center IV.

In reaction to the incidents, Fatboy said, "eh, women will be the death of men literally."

Continuing, "Obviously, in Uganda, we have a serious defilement epidemic. We thought it was due to the shutdown of schools but now with their resumption, it looks like the vice is still ongoing."

Olive Najjuma, his co-presenter, posited that the Covid pandemic just exacerbated the situation otherwise defilement has always reigned.

A caller on the show named Cynthia blamed the two men for dating a primary seven girl and inferred that poetic justice was served eventually.

"They called it on themselves and I have no sympathy for what befell them. I'm glad that the girl got out of the situation and her name is anonymous because those two men were old, and I believe karma did its part, " Cynthia relayed.

The Fatboy show is hosted by James Onen aka Fatboy, Olive, and Sarah every weekday from 6 am to 10 am on RX Radio.

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