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Fatboy: Warning A Woman About Her Boyfriend Only Makes Her Want Him More

With reference to female psychology, Fatboy has commented on how trying to repress a relationship by cautioning a woman against who she is dating surprisingly only increases her interest in her partner.

During the morning show today, the Presenter explained that whereas men are visually attracted, women are emotionally allured to the opposite gender, adding that if a person attempts to sabotage a relationship by offering precautionary advice, it would instead stir curiosity and interest on the recipient's part.

“So say you go ahead and tell a woman that's just starting to know a guy that this dude is terrible and not good for her, all you're gonna do is to make this guy more interesting, alluring and mysterious to her,” he said.

Lesham, his Co-host, pointed out serial killers saying that as horrific as they might be, they tend to stay with their wives regardless of the fact that they are aware of their partner’s criminal behavior.

Fatboy added that even when the man in question turns out to be horrible, the woman will still task herself with taming the beast within the man and proving to the world that she can change him.

He said, “A woman who will write to a serial killer on death row in jail will be thinking to herself- ‘I am the one who understands this guy, everyone else doesn't understand him but I do.’ And even if he has spent the last 15 years killing women, she’ll be like- ‘He won’t kill me because he will see that I am amazing and I will make him put a stop to that behavior.’”

Additionally, Fatboy said that when an ex-girlfriend warns a woman dating her ex-boyfriend about how he is a player and liar, the warnings will shockingly turn out to be counterproductive, recognising how reverse psychology in this case is even more effective.

“If you say to her that ‘this dude is so nice and sweet, he will do anything you tell him, like a puppy he will jump when you ask him to and abide by whatever you say,’ this will make her step away cause she will be thinking to herself that the guy is a simp, causing her to quit the relationship.”

However, he concluded that it's better if someone stuck to their lane and moved on with their lives and invested their energy and time in something useful or someone else rather than trying hard to ruin their ex-lover’s new relationship.

The Fatboy show is hosted by James Onen aka Fatboy, Olive, Sarah and Lesham every weekday from 6am to 10am on RX Radio.

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