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FatBoy: Uganda Security Forces have a lot of explaining to do regarding missing Ugandans

Since Uganda started preparing for the general presidential election that took place earlier this month on 14th January 2021, a number of civilians have gone missing. Their relatives have accused the security forces for abducting them and keeping them in unknown places.

During a joint press conference held yesterday 28th January 2021 about the security they provided during the general election, the Minister of Internal Affairs, Gen Jeje Odongo, and the Inspector General of Police, Mr Martins Okoth Ochola, failed to explain the whereabouts of Ugandans who are missing after they were picked up by armed personnel during the General Election.

“It would be more helpful to say that on Thursday at 2pm in Kamwokya, we saw a vehicle grabbing so and so. It becomes easier to find out. When you make a general statement, the inquiry becomes difficult,” Gen Odongo said.

“This is unbelievable!. How can an Internal Affairs Minister not know what has been happening in the country and what security organs have been up to? There is a lot of explaining that needs to be done by government or the President of Uganda since he seems to always know everything that is happening in this country,” James Onen aka Fatboy said on the Friday Fatboy Show on RX Radio.

His Co-Host Olive Najjuma said; “I think these guys know what is happening but they are intentionally fooling Ugandans. There’s no way police wouldn’t know who arrested or abducted these people in broad day light! It is sad for the families who do not know the fate of their loved ones.”

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