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Fatboy: Tumwine’s opinion on the internet and online businesses is unreasonable

RX Radio Presenter James Onen aka Fatboy has attacked the Security Minister Elly Tumwine over his comments that Ugandans can do without internet and online services noting that such an opinion is uninformed and selfish.

The security Minister Gen Elly Tumwine, says history and Covid 19, have demonstrated that internet and boda boda services are luxuries which Ugandans can live without because of the security danger they pose to the country.

Addressing members of the e-trade association at his office in Kampala on Thursday, Gen Tumwine, said bodas boda, food delivery and internet services are innovations initiated just yesterday and they are becoming a threat to the public and yet previously we have lived without them and stayed safe.

While on the Monday’s the Fatboy show, Fatboy said it is unfortunate that such comments should come from a person that holds a public office and that Ugandan leaders are blind to the needs of the youth and are only interested in keeping themselves in power at any cost.

“The amazing part is that these comments were made while he met with members of the e-trade association. You would think he would be telling them how government is going to create enabling environments for such services to thrive because these businesses and the internet are creating job opportunities for the young people that the government has failed to create,” he said.

Fatboy added, “These National Resistance Army (NRA) guys caused insecurity in the country when they decided to go to the bush and over throw a legit government. Even right now, they are still causing insecurity and yet they want to blame it on the internet. That is just ridiculous,”

Olive Najjuma, a co-host on the show said such comments coming from a leader shows how uninformed some of our leaders are.

“I am even at a loss of words, safeboda, and other delivery services have created so many opportunities for people. I have met safeboda riders and uber drivers who have degrees but failed to get jobs and had to resort to that. Just because Gen Tumwine is seated in his airconditioned office and driving his state provided car, he thinks all is well in this country,” She said.

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