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Fatboy: Toxic Women Are The Best In Bed

Today on The Fatboy Show, James Onen while talking about love and relationships, encouraged men to keep ‘toxic women’ only for the pleasure they provide in the bedroom.

Unlike emotionally balanced women who tend to be calm and react to situations in a normal way, Fatboy described toxic women as crazy, insane and super dramatic without a control of their emotions.

“Women like this tend to have one redeeming quality that makes guys return back to them and that is because they are the greatest in bed. The crazier they are, the more action you're gonna see behind closed doors. The intimate situation will be for the books,” he said.

He added that toxic women are more passionate than the calm ones because the latter are only about getting the act done than for the actual enjoyment.

Lesham, the Presenter co-hosting with Fatboy, then went on to narrate a story about a friend that she always knew as well-organized and principled. However, her partner was always struggling to get sexually intimate with her.

“I have a friend like this and I feel bad for her man because as their friend, I estimate that they get intimate about twice in a month yet they have been dating for five years. She is the kind that got a first class in school, dressing and hair always on point, well organized, and her parents are so proud of her.”

She added, “Her parents really like this guy but this man ain't getting none and he’s suffering! Everytime he tries to talk to her, she breaks up with him and he feels so bad that he has to strain just to make love,” she narrated.

This cracked Fatboy up as he added, “Yet for the other girl who is an alcoholic, a party animal and always getting into a lot of fights with their man, it’s the opposite. When she decides to get down, she will show you such a good time, you will be willing to forgive her for everything else.”

Fatboy then said a wise man would keep the toxic woman as a side chic and the poised one as the wife though it's a risky idea because the toxic one might want to do something crazy to the man and his family.

“Lesham, which one of the two are you? Toxic or calm? Most RX Radio listeners think you’re outspoken and crazy, yet you might have inverse qualities,” Fatboy probed.

In her response, Lesham answered, “I can't guarantee that you'll expect fireworks when we get together because I might be good and you may never see it. To me, the quality is based on the vibe, though I'll agree that I am talkative unlike reserved people. I have quiet friends that continue shocking me every time with their stories and experiences they have been through.”

The Fatboy show is hosted by James Onen aka Fatboy, Olive, Sarah and Lesham every weekday from 6am to 10am on RX Radio.

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