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Fatboy to Women: Don’t have kids with your ugly sugar daddies

Radio Presenter James Onen has advised women to desist from having children with old ugly men if they do not want to have ugly kids.

Fatboy, while on Thursday’s The Fatboy Show noted that because women want riches very first, they date old and ugly men and have kids with them yet they complain when people talk about the physical looks of their kids.

“You can have your secret relationship with that old ugly guy but when its time to have kids, find a young handsome dude and have kids with them. There are kids you look at and you feel like closing your ears,’ Fatboy said.

His co-host Olive Najjuma noted that its actually better to have ugly Kids with an ugly old man who can take care of them than getting cute kids with a useless man.

“What’s the point of having cute kids when the father can’t take care of them? I would not mind my kids not looking so cute as long as they are well cared for. After all, there are no ugly kids these days, all babies are cute,” She said.

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