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Fatboy To Ladies: Let The Man Pay For Holiday Vacations

The Fatboy Show Presenter James Onen aka Fatboy has said that ladies should let men pay for vacations to allow them to feel like men.

The conversation was derived from a post Lesham saw on social media which conveyed that when a woman is taken on a vacation by a man, he will have sexual expectations. However, she was curious about what expectations a woman could have if she took the man on vacation.

According to Fatboy, a woman would take a man away from everything else just to spend quality time talking and getting to know each other better without expecting anything sexual.

However, Lesham explained that ambience plays a big role in getting women sexually excited. She said that unlike men who can get into the act without much thought, unfamiliar locations make great memories for a woman who will be sexually excited over a period of time.

Fatboy then went on to say men are the ones who are meant to take women on vacations because of the masculine energy tied to a man paying bills and choosing holiday destinations.

“Whenever a couples decides that they have to spice up their sex life, it’s mainly the man that foots the bills.“Well I've been taken on a holiday fully paid for by a lady and there’s a way it would feel that she’s the one in charge, Fatboy narrated.

“ Often Women prefer a man to take charge but when the tables are reversed and she has to make decisions, it can be very unnerving and emasculating because a man can’t process it that way. When you get back to the hotel after she has paid for everything when you were out, for a man he will feel very timid in the room after that.”

He admitted that this can kill the mood because a man wouldn't be feeling like he is in charge in the situation.

“She might have taken you out of town hoping that it would be extra but it may backfire because you would not feel like a man. So if you are a woman feeling like your sex life needs a revival, find a way of making him pay for it so he can feel like the man in the situation to get the best out of it.”

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