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FatBoy thinks it's fair for men to keep persuading other females while in a relationship

It is common knowledge that relationships do not last as long as they used to in the past.

Currently most men and women while dating or even married still keep in close contact with a number of their ex-lovers or possible future lovers which in a way is breaking relationship.

James Onen aka Fatboy thinks it is fair for men to keep in contact with other females during a serious relationship or even a marriage as a fallback plan.

"Women are unpredictable; they can break your heart anytime. As a man, you need a fall back plan in case this happens. That's why most men have a few females they keep in close proximity even if they are not sexually involved with them," Fatboy said during Wednesday's Fatboy morning show.

Today's show hosted a visitor, Sarah Suubi, an American who has lived in Uganda for 10 years. In her submission, Sarah noted that she experienced a culture shock when she realized that Ugandan lovers were less respectful to their relationships as compared to Americans.

"I have come to realize that Ugandan men don't respect their partners when it comes to having extra marital relationships. It seems like it's a norm for a partner to keep communicating with their ex-lovers and girlfriends even when they are married. It's different in America, you can't do that to your Partner and things remain the same," she said.

Olive, a co-host of the show said that in as much men do that and it as has somewhat become acceptable to most women, it is still wrong as it means your partner is looking forward to the relationship ending.

“It’s more of an exit plan at the beginning of a relation,” she said.

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