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Fatboy: There Should Be A Post Analysis Of The Covid-19 Policies

While discussing about the increased number of women and girls engaging in sex work in Wakiso district, RX Radio’s James Onen recommended that the government needs to do a post analysis of the Covid-19 policies they implemented.

Also known as Fatboy, the show host of The Fatboy Show said that a number of policies established by the government have weighed more negatively on the population, which have to be revised so the country can make better decisions if faced with such a disaster again.

“I hope that there will be a post analysis of policies that will be instituted so that we can learn from our mistakes. Going forward, we have to ask if this is the approach we are going to take on lockdowns, restrictions and even closing schools, considering the fact that Uganda is on record for keeping children out of school the longest on the continent.”

Fatboy made the assertions after Kasanje Town Council Leaders expressed concern towards the spread of HIV/AIDs in the area after Covid-19 left most women who used to work in bars jobless, in addition to the financial constraints on other smaller businesses like shops and restaurants.

As a matter of fact, reports from a local newspaper indicated that women and girls engaging in commercial sex were being paid between shs.2000 and shs.10,000 whereas others were being given free fish from the landing sites.

According to Fatboy, this speaks to the desperation of people that are willing to do anything to survive in this period. He said that although the President promised to re-open schools and the whole economy in January 2022, a lot of damage has been done that will take the country a long time to recover.

Olive, his Co-host, commented that even though the Ministry of Education has circulated statements that pregnant girls and teenage mothers will be allowed back in school, no campaign has been put into effect yet schools are reopening in less than a month.

Fatboy went on to recommend, “In as much as the country may not be able to discuss these issues due to the exorbitant sums of funds the government was receiving from donors worldwide, there should be a reflection into the effects of these policies on the nation’s citizens.”

“At the end of it, when we see the outcomes of some policies, it calls for us to make better decisions next time so that we don't act in haste,” he suggested.

The Fatboy show is hosted by James Onen aka Fatboy, Olive, Sarah and Lesham every weekday from 6am to 10am on RX Radio.

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