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Fatboy: There Seems To Be No Permanent Solution To Stop The Bombings

James Onen aka Fatboy on Thursday morning was concerned that there might be no indefinite solution to end the deadly terrorist attacks in the country.

During The Fatboy Show, the Presenter noted that since terrorists are in this case the enemy, it makes negotiations with the government impossible.

“Given that terrorists are waging war on us for our involvement in Somalia, I feel like there’s no real solution or room for dialogue. And with these Islamic State guys who have broad geopolitical aspirations, it gives no room for conversation to be heard,” he said.

Olive, a Co-host on the show stated that it's uncommon for terrorists to hold negotiations adding that even with the recent attacks, the solution for Uganda would be withdrawing it’s forces in Somalia which too is impossible.

Moreso, Fatboy added that there was limited consultation for the government involvement in a peacekeeping mission in Somalia.

“If Ugandans were asked the question and weighed the cost of this peacekeeping intervention, many of us would agree that it's risky, because when a country engages in such affairs, it has to deal with them for a long time, and often the price is paid by its citizens.”

Yesterday, the Islamic state through its Amaq News Agency claimed responsibility for the attacks in Kampala which killed 6 and left 36 others injured as vengeance for Uganda’s disruption of their agenda in the East African region.

President Museveni in a statement regarding the blasts said that the country’s strategy for vigilance is minimizing damage and further encouraged citizens to keep alert by ensuring the checking of people at entry points of bus parks, markets, places of worship and at hotels.

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