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Fatboy: There is an LGBT Indoctrination Agenda in Entertainment

James Onen aka Fatboy has said that popular entertainment is supposed to be enjoyed for what it is rather than being used to draw sexuality activism from it.

This was during The Fatboy Show as James and Lesham talked about gay activists that tend to mistake exceptional friendship scenes with being gay.

He made the assertions following Lesham’s narration about a video she watched that demonstrated two Fast and Furious’ characters Roman Pearce and Brian O’Connor as gay regarding some scenes as innuendos. Describing it as funny, Lesham wondered why movies that begin with straight characters end up otherwise.

However, Fatboy contended that gay activists have a way of altering everything to fit their perceptions which they use to persuade others in recognising their movement.

“If you have a twisted mind, you will view some things differently. Recently I watched a child’s movie called Luca about two young boys and friendship, but all of a sudden, the activists were like ‘Oh, look at these moments, it clearly shows that the two boys are in love,’ yet these were just two normal boys experiencing life and growing up together as friends,” he argued.

Additionally, he insisted that if one wants to see everything as gay, they will always see it as efforts from the activists to try to impart their views on other people. He argued that when they fail to convince these people they start to refer to them as homophobic.

“If you are part of the movement, there are many other movies that advance that agenda, but leave our other films alone. Let’s just enjoy popular entertainment for what it is because even though we are all at liberty of interpreting the media differently, it's not correct to cease into your personal take and turn it into an overall interpretation that you would lure people to believe in and condemn them when they don't,” he stated.

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