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Fatboy: The Way Women Hate Situationships Is The Way Men Hate Being Friendzoned

Talking about messy relationships, today morning Fatboy has explained that in as much as women hate situationships, men are also using it as vengeance for being friendzoned

According to Fatboy, being friend zoned is when a woman is aware of how a particular man feels about her, but without the intention of dating him, she goes ahead to exploit him by letting him take her on dates and care for her like a boyfriend would. However, she declines to get intimate with him.

He quoted an interesting post he had seen explaining how a situationship and friendzone were similar which said: ‘A situationship is basically a male version of putting a woman in the friendzone. A friendzone being an instance where a man gives a woman all his time, attention and sometimes money and then he gets no sex. Guys lose! While a situationship, the man gets all the sex he wants without the commitment and there, guys win!’

Lesham, the show’s Co-host, bewildered by the definitions, admitted that there was some truth in them. “Until these explanations, I had never understood the concept of men saying they can't be friends with a girl that they like,” she revealed.

Fatboy went on to say, “A man can accept being in the friend zone and perhaps wait for a woman to break up with her boyfriend hoping that when that happens, he will be considered. Surprisingly though, that may never happen.”

Lesham conversely said that women like excitement and mystery in relationships and accepting a man because they are always available whenever they need him makes the relationship boring hence the reason some men are taken advantage of.

Nonetheless, Fatboy advised men to look out for themselves first and disengage from relationships where their needs aren't being recognized. For women trapped in situationships, he suggested that they should turn their attention to men pleading for their love in the friend zone.

However, Lesham encouraged women not to settle if they are not attracted to any of the men in their friendzone.

The Fatboy show is hosted by James Onen aka Fatboy, Olive, Sarah and Lesham every weekday from 6am to 10am on RX Radio.

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