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Fatboy: The Matrix Resurrections Is Not As Exciting As Original Trilogy

Commenting on the newly-released,“The Matrix Resurrections,” James Onen aka Fatboy has said that the subversion of the characters and franchise flawed the whole movie.

Speaking about the movie today morning on The Fatboy Show, the Presenter claimed that the movie would mortify anyone who watched its original version. “The latest Matrix producers hopped onto the bandwagon that subverts expectations of characters because as a person watches, there’s a franchise of characters and how they behave. But now when you turn the film on to watch it, you will find that everything you knew about the characters has been changed and flipped around.”

He explained that unlike The Spiderman Adventures that evenly enhanced the storyline in the second and third series of the movie, some Hollywood productions don’t give a chance for the audience to experience the circumstances that changed the franchise and characters.

“A more recent example was in the ‘Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker,’ in which Luke Skywalker was completely deconstructed from an optimistic ray of hope he was throughout the new trilogy despite all the dark paths he walked in the original one. But now at the end of the second trilogy, we see the total opposite of him,” Fatboy commented.

Lesham Kenogo, his Co-host, opined that Hollywood understates the characters to shock the audience. “The shock might be extreme that people will just be awed because not everyone relates to these kinds of surprises.”

Fatboy further reasoned that the production studios have run out of ideas for new storylines that the creatives are now resorting to cheaply-done nostalgias.

“So all kinds of cool films made in the past would never be made today because everyone is trying to play it safe by going for familiar properties and franchises which they're going to milk to death. Now they have run out of interesting ways to do it and they have resorted to cheap ways of subverting our expectations while ruining the movies that we loved for decades,” he complained.

He concluded by saying that at least past movie makers would know better and have creative ways of producing content instead of investing in such trilogies.

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