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Fatboy: The legal Fraternity in Uganda is disappointing

RX Radio Presenter James Onen aka Fatboy has expressed disappointment in the legal fraternity in Uganda for failing to protect and preserve basic human rights that are being violented by the government.

During Thursday’s the Fatboy Show, Fatboy and his co-host Olive Najjuma discussed a number of arrests that have been made recently including the American citizen Guy Smith that was arrested from Fort Portal for allegedly involvement in anti-government subversive activities, Odongo Otto who was a arrested for illegal possession of a fire arm and assaulting a journalist in 2018 and the Bobi Wine supporters like Nubian Lee and Eddy Mutwe who are being charged in the Military courts over position of fire arms.

In reference to the above cases and other injustices like killing of Ugandans for defying curfew by the LDUs, the closure of businesses by government over the guise of Covid-19 SOPS among others, Fatboy said that as the legal fraternity which is the custodian of the law, they should be in courts regularly challenging the injustices and human rights abuses.

“Government has made it routine to arrest people, torture them and then let them go because they have nothing to charge them with but the person's life would be completely disrupted and they will never be the same again. We have citizens hat are being detained illegally and not being presented in courts of law in 48 hours like the Constitution says and yet our lawyers are just looking on, this is very disappointing. This is the time when they should be in court every day fighting for Ugandans,” he said.

Olive on her part said that it seemed the only cases the Uganda Law Society is interested in is the misunderstanding that happened in the Supreme Court.

“The Uganda Law Society has been expressing concern over the fight in the high court between the Chief Justice and Lady Justice Easter Kisaakye, they even offered to mediate the peace talks between the two and yet when the legal system is being used to mistreat Ugandans, the legal fraternity are just quiet, this is very disappointing indeed,” Olive said.

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