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Fatboy: Some Ugandans incite Security to torture them

RX Radio Presenter James Onen aka Fatboy has advised Ugandans and politicians to act civil in the face of arrests from the security bodies to avoid harassment and torture during and after such arrests.

Fatboy was referring to a case where 18 supporters of NUP in Kyotera who were abducted by security agencies were recently dumped near their homes and retuned home unharmed. Some of the abductees said that they were being treated properly while in custody although they did not know the place where they were being kept.

Fatboy wondered why some individuals who are arrested and kept in custody are abused and tortured while others are not.

“I am not saying the security forces should be arresting people in such rough ways, but once they have decided to arrest you, one should behave themselves and do what they are told. The more one tries to defy them, the more they feel justified to torture or treat that person in an disrespectful manner,” Fatboy said on Friday’s The Fatboy Show.

Olive Najjuma on her part noted that although Fatboy might be right, most Ugandan security officers are just aggressive and seem ever ready to unleash their anger on the individuals during and after arrests.

“Are you saying the security officers are disciplined because that would be very far from the truth. Okay if you say they torture people because they resist arrests, how bout when someone is already in the custody, why would do they torture helpless individuals? We have heard stories from those formerly arrested and kept in safe houses. Majority tell tales of agony and grievous torture at the hands of their captors who are also allegedly, security operatives,” She said.

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