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Fatboy: Some People Are Getting Married Just For Show

James Onen aka Fatboy, while commenting on the multiple weddings and marriage proposals that are taking place of late, said that some might be doing it for the glitz and glamour, and not for the main purpose of getting into marriage.

He made the statements during The Fatboy Show with Co-host Lesham Kenogo as they talked about the increasing number of marriages and divorces.

“I think a lot of people go into marriages thinking the excitement is going to be forever. There’s something about marriage that is like a spell that brings excitement,” he said.

Fatboy added that over the weekend in two different eateries he was at, there were marriage proposals at each of them which made him convinced that with all the cynicism surrounding marriage, some people might be doing it for showbiz.

“A part of me thinks that some people are just doing it for the drama without appreciating the significance of what marriage is and what it entails.”

Lesham was of the view that some couples might be getting married because they have persevered through the hard times of Covid-19 together, saying that some couples are only good when going through crisis, and not the good times especially where one can change after achieving financial independence.

Fatboy went on to say that some people have adopted non-marital weddings where a couple has a wedding without a marriage. “In this case, they get dressed in their wedding gowns, invite friends, hold a fancy reception with photography but don’t actually get legally married.”

He added, “I think this would save people a lot of trouble because despite the fact that it might cost them a good penny putting together the fancy events, it will be far less costly than what may happen seven years down the road in terms of mental health, and financially when your spouse decides to take it to the courts of law.”

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