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Fatboy: Society Has A Joint Obligation To Fight Drug Abuse

A study carried out by the Anti-Narcotics Department of the Uganda Police in conjunction with Makerere University revealed that 16 percent of youths in urban areas abuse narcotic drugs.

According to the Commissioner Anti- Narcotics Department Tinka Zarugaba, the abuse of drugs such as cannabis, cocaine and heroin among Ugandan youths is on the increase, escalating the number of school dropouts, crimes like murder, rape and defilment and even causing extreme effects such as paralysis and death.

RX Radio Presenter James Onen aka Fatboy, concerned, advised youths to avoid using narcotic drugs saying they hinder one’s ability to become a useful member of society.

“I am sure cannabis is not going to be useful for your brain development because if you're on drugs all the time, how are you going to be able to study or become a decent human being?”

Further noting that the use of drugs may arise from a number of underlying physical or psychological issues one may be undergoing, Fatboy called on society to provide psychosocial support to the endangered youth.

“These youths might have serious personal issues that are driving them into this lifestyle. Maybe they are unemployed and desperate, maybe they have serious family problems or they are victims of abuse and this is their way of coping. The best way to deal with this is reaching out to them with love and encouragement such that they don't need to take drugs to feel whole because a void in their lives is what may be prompting them to use narcotics,” he said.

He added, “This is a big social problem, I think that every Ugandan has a role to play in dealing with it. I am glad that we know how large the scope of it is, maybe it's time we get together and find a solution.”

Between 2019 and 2020, narcotic exhibits including cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine and cannabis worth 778 million shillings were retrieved from drug traffickers arrested at Entebbe International Airport all of whom were given sentences by the law. The narcotics, weighing 48.22kgs, were burnt at Nsambya Police barracks last week.

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