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Fatboy: Should President Samia Be Sending Police Officers With Pot Bellies Back For Training?

At the commemoration ceremony that marked the completion of officers' training in Boma Kichaka Miba, Tanga, in Tanzania, President Samia Suluhu ordered police officers with pot bellies to go for training so that they become fit enough to do their jobs.

At the ceremony, the Tanzanian President observed veteran officers paraded with big bellies which, according to her, makes them unfit to carry out their daily jobs hence the need for them to re-train to lose the excess fat.

Commenting on the President’s statements James Onen aka Fatboy, the RX Radio presenter said, “I wonder if this is insensitive coming from her considering that she is a chubby lady herself.”

His co-host Olive Najjuma defended that, unlike Suluhu’s job, security personnel have to be physically fit if they are to do their job well. “The police are supposed to maintain law and order, but how will they chase after burglars or restore peace in case of demonstrations when they cannot maintain their breaths?” She queried.

Olive continued that she supported President Suluhu’s order and referred to a video that once went viral on social media showing the Chinese female officers parade and how differently they appeared from Ugandan female police officers.

“First of all, they were fat, well endowed behind with hips and then the front. It indicates that our gentlemen and women in the force don't do physical exercises as much as they should. I believe that security officers should be lean to be able to carry out their work effectively,” she said.

She pertained to how lean UPDF soldiers tend to be including senior officers like Gen Katumba Wamala. Similarly, she cited how President Museveni, the commander in Chief of the UPDF has often shown off his physical fitness by doing press-ups and push-ups.

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